I seem to like two week breaks. It’s funny how it always seems to work out that way, but this is probably the first time I’m back with a different pretense than just writing down my usual incoherent thought-feelings. This is more of a preface to everything that will soon take place. I’m currently working on three scripts, and strongly leaning towards publishing my own book; a collection of more or less what you see here, but with added pieces and voices from everyone who wishes to contribute. Think Chicken Soup for the Soul but replace chicken with cathartic, where the only saltines you’ll require are your own tears. What, too dramatic? Have you met us? I’ve been told on numerous occasions that what I write here doesn’t make sense without context, but it’s elegant and relate-able, so I figured why not compile and create a host of our best thoughts, especially those that are more universal and less confined to a specific time. I’ve always believed that to explain one’s writing is to strip it off its ability to take the reader in whatever direction he or she chooses to travel. Because your destination doesn’t have to be mine, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share in our journey’s words. Time to jump from one page to another.


For the first time in a long time, I find myself speechless.
I no longer want to share things, at least not in the way that I used to for three years.
Help me assemble my best work, because I fear going back to pieces of a puzzle that I never finished.
Have patience with what and who you find.
No one should know too much about their
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