No Vacancy [Part II]

I’ve missed the last two fourteens of February.
You would too if this was the last thing you wrote for it,
but the good news is that I finally got divorced from him,
and we share custody of everything that came between us.
Was it worth it? If you know me, I think you’d have to say yes.
I live in all of your incoming phone calls, emails, and late texts.
You’re always surprised whenever it is I remember your birthday,
but if that’s the only time we talked all year, it would still be a good day.
Final minute of L.E.S. plays, and I wish that you were here with me.
It isn’t so much a relapse as it is just a quick visit to old time’s sake.
It’s just nice to know that things have changed, and I want this feeling to remain.
Anecdotal interlude: standing at the crosswalk, judging by her ball cap,
tonight she’s a New York Yankees’ fan, even though we’re in Toronto.
Her face under the moonlight illuminates a moment that I half wish would never end,
but then immediately regret that request, because I think I want to go further than this.
This is a long walk to a long haul from someone only used to Sawyer’s long cons,
and who couldn’t shepherd his way to his true cause until now. I no longer feel lost.
Sometimes I think I’ve made a mistake. Guilty pleasure, I think I’ve had too much cake.
There’s noting sexier than a woman reading aloud from a book that is her favorite.
The only correlation between those two thoughts is the amount of sweetness I’m feeling.
I’m not currently fielding any options that dissuade the heart from beating.
It’s what it’s always done best, without any prompting or pleading.
Well, second best to what you all were, are, and will forever be reading.
To someone in particular, I’m with someone in particular,
so the no vacancy I once spoke of has one of its words missing,
and that is not to say that Paradox Lost is no longer my soulmate.
I’m saying that for the first time in my life, I’m willing to share me.

“Make You Feel.” | Produced by Galimatias. | Performed by Alina Baraz. | Urban Flora. | ©2015 Urban Records.