July never seemed so

If I’m writing, then I suspect it’s all over / I guess this is the price of being sober / As I train (in vain) my heart to get colder / So that I at least have a shot to grow older
If I could just escape this brain, this body / If I could give myself a chance and let it be / If everyone disappoints, but that includes me
But who even knows what’s become of the real me / Someone end me, someone come and apprehend me / Someone tell me how to comprehend me
I can’t handle control, but I need it / Tiny drops in this deep sea and I’ll keep it. / Just a say. Just a tiny bit. The tar pit can finally keep me, any distractions can make me, this emptiness can take me, and every little thing can break me, hurry up, end it already, forsake me

  • ShagunP

    solid lyrics.