Second term is upon me, and it actually feels nice to be the incumbent,
but it wasn’t always that way (on either site, just look up today’s present).
It got real bad like two months ago, when I passed an inspection,
but failed to answer a simple question, and was looking to end it all.
I’m talking full blown Samuel versus the Cainan Police Department.
That reference is probably lost upon a demographic who didn’t watch it,
but I’ve made peace since that incident. Quick Stop’s in good shape again,
and I’m finally looking to pass the reigns onto its rightful successor.
I await the day when I’m no longer compared to the greats that paved my way,
considering I’ve left a lot of potholes in my path for plotholes I’d rather be filling in.
I had the realization a few nights ago that I’m literally a blue collar worker, complete with
long hours trying to make ends meet, but never actually meeting anyone over on their end.
I miss them. I’ve become known more for my no-shows, then all the shows that I’ve created,
but all that will hopefully change once we’re making those moving pictures,
or hammering out those scripts, or just standing behind the monitor, and
wondering how we even got here, especially after all that we’ve been through.
If things go as I want them, I’ve already got a title picked out for 2016’s post.
True to its alphabetical pattern, it would be pig Latin for finally giving it up.