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00:00 | Drift | Alina Baraz
 | City of Stars | Logic
10:02 | I’ll Be Found | IC3PEAK
16:12 | Fariyaad | Liakat Ali
20:10 | DontGetIt | Lil Wayne


I know I said I wouldn’t, but this time it’ll be different, I promise. That world that was once ours to reflect upon has already been captured. Now it’s time for new horizons, because I’m tired of drifting away. As you can hear her sing, I only miss you when…I don’t anymore. Because you’re so much more than just close anymore. You’re everything I could ever want in a [fill in your own blank]. To be honest, it’s a load off. People tell me I’m more cheerful when I answer their phone calls. All because you no longer write with the same kind of purpose? Speaking of which, I can admit that I like the new Bieber, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up on the next one, but until then, let this one be more of a wrap up of a warped sense of logic, which forever dictated that This isn’t a love [blog]. This is so long. But the question was never about how long, but just how much we wanted to believe? I no longer reach for the stars. I just let them find me. Transitioning is difficult when you’re not sure of your destination, but I’ve now been to every place I wished to in the last year, and it’s quite amazing. So to everybody who’s read Past Me they should know that it’s no longer viable to live specifically in those particular moments that drag down and defeat. You need to rise up and dethrone, for that’s the only way you’ll be found, so allow yourself to wade through the voices that are telling you perform with the ones that tell you to give up, and stop taking chances. You’re reading about the guy who was happier walking away if it meant that you were still left smiling, but then I realized, why the hell shouldn’t I smile too? Why does my happiness have to be mutually exclusive with you? It’s never happened this way before, and that’s precisely why I’m fighting to hold onto that fariyaad for as long as I possibly can. For the uninitiated, that’s an Urdu noun meaning plea/request/cry for help. It was actually to the end of that exact song that I broke down on the drive home. It was a day or so after my Christmas, and parallels couldn’t be avoided to what I was hearing via speakerphone, so as he screamed for you to be my ever beating heart, I lost it. It was a moment of weakness during an otherwise strong resolve that I wouldn’t let this slip through my fingers like I did/let the other ones. I don’t wish for this to be misunderstood any further, so we’re switching gears with the last one by Wayne. I always love it when hip hop albums end with such monologues, like Kanye’s Last Call or Lupe’s Outro, or even Gambino’s That Power. It’s like the calm after a storm, which I know isn’t the saying, but that’s just how I feel. Other things that I feel currently? Obama’s State of the Union was exactly what we needed to hear, and if you still haven’t gotten the message, I doubt you ever will. Kanye’s Real Friends is on replay, and I really want to hear that track featuring Kendrick, but I no longer want to hear about Trump getting attention. So what if he wins a few primaries, he’ll never make it past the convention, but I hope it doesn’t get that far, and he’s out of the race by mid-spring. I’m glad Sanders is gaining traction, though shout outs to O’Malley for thinking he’s a contender. He’s a good man with a record, and I wouldn’t count him out for future elections. Having said that, my money’s on Rubio for his party’s nomination. He’s the best of a dozen evils and could easily get his shit together, and move more towards the center if it means getting elected. That got all kinds of political. I’m sorry, it’s kind of what I do. I mean, we could talk film, but that’s what the reviews are for, and there’s a blitzkrieg coming soon on those, but I think this has gone on long enough.