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00:00 | Mulaqatan | Pav Dharia
 | Down Here | Stateless
07:45 | The One Time in Houston | Wale
13:33 | The Blackest Day | Lana Del Rey
19:38 | Power Trip | J. Cole feat. Miguel


Writing this while on a five hour layover at Frankfurt, it’s raining, but Germany kind of looks good during a downpour. I haven’t slept well in the last week, and that’s not even counting the last two days, where revelations at close to 2 AM turned out to be my downfall. It’s weird how one week makes all the difference. I dropped the ball on one meeting to still get another meeting. Real talk, I’ve blown chances upon chances, and what I thought were singular moments only for me to cherish turned out to be reciprocated, but true to history, it turns out that I was foolish. I asked myself the same question when I landed after having binge watched depressing movies and overthinking. This is the first time a one way has led into a two-way street, and I don’t want to do anything to ruin it. Take it day by day, take it step by step, with negative three in expectations, though I can’t help but want to ask, how long’s this been in the making? And I can only hope, that when looking back, the answer reminds me of someonething beautiful. I’ve only said I love you once, and I’d like to think those feelings were true, if only in that moment, and everything they stood for, but I’d have to agree with George here, and say I’d rather have her be the first, not just to profess, but to say and do anything. Taking the leap is always easier when someone’s already jumped ahead of you. The drop doesn’t seem as terrifying when there’s already a chalk outline in waiting, which is ironic since this is all still a premonition, and I’m bound to be locked up if I’m found out by the precognition. Lana, hold up, what is this? I thought we were born to die, but now you’re engaged, hitched, and on your honeymoon? I live too much in multiple futures, and I know that’s my temporal issue, but when you’ve had a past as present as mine, sometimes you don’t have a choice but to better it using alternate measures. Now she’s got me up all night, and I love it more than anyone could ever know. You’re my coffee, my Red Bull, my I have to be up in 5 Hours but I still have all the energy to say the dumbest stuff, and both cringe and celebrate the fact that you still laugh. I think that’s what all anyone really wants out of this thing to make it actually last. It looks like we’ll soon find out.